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Below is the wall ball workout used by Shoreham Wading River High School in New York, one of the top HS lacrosse programs in the country. SWR's head coach Tom Rotanz is currently on the coaching staff of the US Under19 team. All SWR players are required to do this workout at least 3 times (ideally 5 times) per week during the offseason.
Athletes interested in becoming impact lacrosse players should take advantage of this workout. If you have trouble getting
through this workout start with fewer reps (eg. 25 per set) and work yourway up. This wall work will get you tired (if not, increase your pace) but there should not be any pain. Bring and drink plenty of water.
SWR Wall Ball Workout
Coach's Comment - Always wear gloves. Keep both hands on the stick unless otherwise noted. Wearing a helmet is also highly advisable...practice like you play. This workout should be done five days per week  (minimum of three days per week). Stand 7 yards from the wall. Throw the ball hard.
1. Quick Stick    50 times with right   50 times with left       No cradle
2. One Hand Quick Stick    50 X with right hand    50 X with left hand    No cradle. Snap the wrist. Hold stick on the middle of the handle.
3. Catch and Throw with Quick Cradle      50 X right      50 X left   Catch ball back by ear. Do not "snatch" at ball or spin your stick.
4.  One hand catch and throw with quick cradle      50X right   50X left
5.  Face Dodge    50X right  50X left      Catch, face wall, dodge (no hand change) then throw
6. Split Dodge      50X right  50X left                    Throw left, catch left, split dodge left to right (with hand change), catch right then repeat.
7. Behind the back     50X right  50X left              Can alternate right vs. left
8. Ground balls      50 GB's to  (bounce ball off of wall for GBs to)  50 GB's away    End all wall work with Ground Balls. Mix it up doing some standing still, some jogging and some sprinting. Use wall for GB's to.