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List of Programs

Fast Start Lacrosse Clincs

  • Ages 5 -18, boys and girls
  • Designed for the new or experienced player.  TYKES 5-7yr olds, Level 1 (new players 8-18) and Level 2 (some experience), Level 3 -Boys only travel level training.
  • Jan, May, Aug, Dec
  • Bamford Park, Davie
  • $179 (Tykes $95)

Davie Summer Lacrosse League

Dates:  5 Weeks - May 28-June 27   
Location: Bamford/Pine Island Park, Davie, Mustang Field

  • Boys Youth - current 1st through 4th grades
  • Boys Middle - current 5th through 8th grades 
  • Boys High School/College/Adult - current 9th grade on up
  • Girls Middle School - Current 4th through 8th grades 
  • Girls High School/College/Adult - current 9th grade on up 

Days/times: Tues/Thurs 6, 7, or 8pm (2 games per week in evenings)
Month of June
Bamford Park, Davie


Position work, Shooting, Competitions, Games, and more.

June 11-13  
9am-12pm each day



The Registration "List of Programs" is not currently available.

Travel Teams (w/ tournaments)

Boys 8U-14U
Tournament travel teams. Top notch experienced and paid coaches. Regimented practices and required accountability. Timely communications, uniform delivery and high quality overall experience
Summer & Fall seasons
May-June (Summer), Oct-Dec (Fall)
Practices in Davie
Per season pricing

Private Instruction

  • Boys and Girls, All ages
  • Available on a per session or block of sessions basis for boys and girls,  all positions.  Lessons are given by experienced players and coaches who have thorough knowledge of the game at all levels
  • Attack, defense, midfield, LSM, goalies
  • Custom dates available
  • Bamford Park, Davie


The program is organized and run by the Davie Youth Lacrosse Foundation, Inc., a 501.c.3 charitable organization.  Davie Youth Lacrosse is a "travel" recreation program with focus on giving players of all skill levels a quality learning experience and lots of fun playing lacrosse.  The players will be taught  improved agility, conditioning, team work and respect for the game and other players as well as the finer points of playing lacrosse.   Our season runs from late January to the end of April.  We will field both boys and girls teams, Kindergarten through 9th grade.  Practices are 2 nights per week with games on Saturdays.

Lacrosse Stick Stringing

Broward Lacrosse Advantage will custom string your stick to the perfect pocket.   We find one of the biggest roadblocks to lacrosse success is a poorly designed pocket.  This hinders the players' ability to make a quality pass or to take an accurate shot.  Soft mesh is one of the main culprits and is found in most of the lower end/starter sticks.   We will restring your stick with a high quality pocket designed to improve your passing, catching, shooting, and overall enjoyment of the game.


  • Boys K-2nd, 4th-8th, HS/Adult,
  • Girls MS, HS/Adult

The program is for new and experienced boys current grades.
>Games only
4 weeks in Sept
2 eves per week