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Barracudas Travel Teams


Boys 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U

Bamford Park, 3801 S. Pine Island Road, Davie

Tuesday & Thursday eves,  6:30-8pm  Oct 3-Dec 7
Bamford Pine Island Park FUSION FIELD, Davie


Program fee for the Summer Season is as follows:

Boys 8U      $450
Boys 10U         $700
Boys 12U     $900
Boys 14U     $900

Fee includes all practices, and team tournament fees. We will be using the summer uniforms.   Uniform is additional for those who did not play in the summer.  If selected, deposit of $150 required at team registration.  Balance is paid in 4 monthly installments.

Pete Dunne (Virginia) - Director

Chase Juelich (Florida Southern)
Chris Dunne (Indiana)
Jacob Couvertier(Lynn)
Zach Ryan (FSU)
Walter Johnson

If you have questions about our teams email


2023 (1 Runner Up)
Boys 12U B Runner Up 2023 Gold Coast Shootout

2018 (1 Champion)
Boys HS B CHAMPIONS 2018 Gold Coast Shootout

2017 (3 Champions, 2 Runner Ups)
U17 Runner Up 2017 Sunshine State Games  U13 Navy Runner Up  2017 Florida Lacrosse Cup  Boys HS B CHAMPIONS 2017 Gold Coast Shootout  Boys HS Silver CHAMPIONS 2017 SoFlo Turkey Shootout  Boys HS B CHAMPIONS 2017 Jingle Brawl  

2016 (1 Champion, 2 Runner Ups)
U11 Navy 3rd Place 2016 NXT Meltdown  U15 CHAMPIONS 2016 Summer Faceoff U11 Navy Runner Up 2016 Summer Faceoff U13 Orange Runner Up 2016 Sunshine State Games U11 Navy 3rd Place 2016 Sunshine State Games 

2015 (6 Champions, 5 Runner Ups)
HS Elite CHAMPIONS 2015 Monster Mash U15 3rd Place 2015 Monster Mash U13 CHAMPIONS 2015 Monster Mash U11 CHAMPIONS 2015 Monster Mash U11 CHAMPIONS 2015 Gold Coast Shootout U11 Navy CHAMPIONS 2015 Bash at the Beach U11 Orange 3rd Place 2015 Bash at the Beach U13 Black Runner Up 2015 Bash at the Beach Girls MS Runner Up 2015 Bash at the Beach U13 Black 3rd Place 2015 Atlanta NXT Summer Jam HS Elite 3rd Place 2015 Atlanta NXT Summer Jam U11 Navy Runner Up 2015 Orlando Summer Faceoff HS Elite 3rd Place 2015 Orlando Summer Faceoff U11A Silver Medal 2015 Sunshine State Games U15 Silver Medal 2015 Sunshine State Games U17 Bronze Medal 2015 Sunshine State Games U11 CHAMPIONS 2015 Clash for Cancer

2014 (10 Champions, 10 Runner ups)
U11 Runner Up 2014 Paradise Shootout U13 Runner Up 2014 Paradise Shootout HS Elite Runner Up 2014 Paradise Shootout U9 CHAMPIONS 2014 Monster Mash U11 CHAMPIONS 2014 Monster Mash U11 Runner Up 2014 Monster Mash U13 CHAMPIONS 2014 Gulf Coast Shootout U11 CHAMPIONS 2014 Gulf Coast Shootout U17 CHAMPIONS 2014 Gold Coast Summer Shootout U15 Runner Up 2014 Gold Coast Summer Shootout U13 CHAMPIONS 2014 Gold Coast Summer Shootout U11 CHAMPIONS 2014 Gold Coast Summer Shootout Girls MS Runner Up 2014 Bash at the Beach U9 CHAMPIONS 2014 Big South Classic Charlotte U17 Runner Up 2014 Summer Faceoff Orlando U9 CHAMPIONS 2014 Summer Faceoff Orlando U9 Silver Medal 2014 Sunshine State Games U11 Silver Medal 2014 Sunshine State Games U13 Bronze Medal 2014 Sunshine State Games U15 Silver Medal 2014 Sunshine State Games U17 Bronze  Medal 2014 Sunshine State Games *  U9 CHAMPIONS 2014 Pockets & Sockets

2013 (7 Champions, 5 Runner ups)
U9 Runner Up 2013 Treasure Coast Shootout U11 Runner Up 2013 Treasure Coast Shootout U13 West CHAMPIONS 2013 Treasure Coast Shootout U15 CHAMPIONS 2013 Treasure Coast Shootout U9 CHAMPIONS 2013 Veterans Cup U13A West CHAMPIONS 2013 Veterans Cup U13B East 3rd Place 2013 Veterans Cup *U15 CHAMPIONS 2013 Monster Mash U13A West Runner Up 2013 Monster Mash U13B East Runner Up 2013 Monster Mash U11 3rd Place 2013 Monster Mash U15 Runner Up 2013 Gold Coast Shootout U9 3rd Place 2013 Gold Coast Shootout U15 CHAMPIONS 2013 Fathers Day Invitational (MD) U15 3rd Place 2013 Palm Beach Blast U11 Navy 3rd Place 2013 Palm Beach Blast U11 Orange 3rd Place 2013 Palm Beach Blast U15 3rd Place 2013 Citrus Bowl Faceoff U13 3rd Place 2013 Citrus Bowl Faceoff * U15 Bronze Medal 2013 Sunshine State Games * U13 Bronze Medal 2013 Sunshine State Games U9 Bronze Medal 2013 Sunshine State Games U15 CHAMPIONS 2013 Pockets and Sockets 
2012 (11 Champions, 5 Runner ups)

U9 CHAMPIONS 2012 Derek Pieper Memorial U11B CHAMPIONS 2012 Derek Pieper Memorial U15B CHAMPIONS 2012 Derek Pieper Memorial * U13 CHAMPIONS 2012 Monster Mash U15 3rd Place 2012 Monster Mash U11 3rd Place 2012 Monster Mash U9 3rd Place 2012 Monster Mash U15B CHAMPIONS 2012 Gold Coast Shootout U13A Bronze Medal 2012 Gold Coast Shootout  U11 Bronze Medal 2012 Gold Coast Shootout * U9 Bronze Medal 2012 Gold Coast Shootout U11 Braveheart CHAMPIONS 2012 Gold Coast Shootout U13 Braveheart CHAMPIONS 2012 Gold Coast Shootout  * U13 CHAMPIONS 2012 Fathers Day Invitational (MD) U9 CHAMPIONS 2012 Fathers Day Invitational (MD) U15 2nd Place 2012 Palm Beach Blast * U13 Co-CHAMPIONS 2012 Palm Beach Blast * U9 CHAMPIONS 2012 Palm Beach Blast * U15 CHAMPIONS 2012 Citrus Bowl Faceoff * U13 CHAMPIONS 2012 Citrus Bowl Faceoff U9 Runner Up 2012 Citrus Bowl Faceoff * U15 CHAMPIONS 2012 Sunshine State Games * U13 Runner Up 2012 Sunshine State Games U9 Runner Up 2012 Sunshine State Games U9 Runner Up 2012 Pockets and Sockets 

2011 (6 Champions, 5 Runner ups)
U13 A Division Runner Up 
2011 Derek Pieper Memorial * U13 Dick's Tournament of Champions Bid U13 CHAMPIONS 2011 Martin County Shootout * U9 CHAMPIONS 2011 Gold Coast Shootout * U13 CHAMPIONS 2011 Gold Coast Shootout * U11 Silver Medal 2011 Gold Coast Shootout * U9 Braveheart CHAMPIONS 2011 Gold Coast Shooutout * U11 Braveheart CHAMPIONS 2011 Gold Coast Shootout * U13 Braveheart CHAMPIONS 2011 Gold Coast Shootout * U15 Braveheart Runner Up 2011 Gold Coast Shootout * GMS CHAMPIONS 2011 Sunshine State Games * U11 CHAMPIONS 2011 Future Champions Tournament, MD * U13 White CHAMPIONS 2011 Snipers Tournament * U11 Runner Up 2011 Father's Day Tournament * U13 White Runner Up 2011 Casey Powell Orange Classic * U13 Blue Runner Up 2011 Sunshine State Games * U11 Runner Up 2011 Snipers Tournament * U11 Bronze Medal 2011 Sunshine State Games * U13 White Bronze Medal 2011 Sunshine State Games * U11 3rd Place 2011 Casey Powell Orange Classic

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